Breeding large fowl Araucana and a few bantams in all APA approved varieties.


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 Of my Large Fowl & Bantam Araucana at APA & ABA Sanctioned Shows.


   The Araucana chicken was originally bred by Dr. Rueben Bustos, a poultry expert in Chile.  Through years of selective breeding, and by crossing two types of Chilean 'land-race' fowl, the Collonca and the Quetro,  Dr. Bustos developed the first 'Collonca de Artes' . . .  the breed that in North America, we now refer to as the Araucana. 
   The Araucana was approved as a recognized breed by the American Poultry Association in 1977.  Dr. Bustos wrote about his birds in 1914, but the worldwide interest in the special traits of the Araucana can be directly attributed to an article which the National Geographic Magazine published in April 1927.
    The Ameraucana and the 'easter egger' are tailed chickens that lay blue or green eggs but they are not Araucana.  Easter egger is a term used to refer to a chicken of mixed or unknown background, usually sold by hatcheries and feed stores under the name Araucana or Ameraucana to hobbyists who are not aware of the difference.  There are a number of important breed type differences between the Araucana and the Ameraucana breeds with the only commonality being that they both have pea combs and lay blue or blue/green eggs.    The APA  Araucana breed standard calls for a tufted, rumpless, pea combed, 'blue' egg laying bird.  All SkyBlueEgg Araucana are bred toward the APA Standard of Perfection

My Araucana are genetically diverse.  My breeding stock and/or hatching eggs have been acquired from most known Araucana breeders over the years. My goal is to raise outstanding show quality Araucana, but I own no perfect birds, and I have never seen a perfect Araucana.  I breed primarily large fowl Araucana and the APA Standard of Perfection sets the goals we are all to breed towards. Most of my breeding birds are tufted.    Fertility, egg hatchability, and correct color, as well as health, vigor, and breed type in adult birds and chicks are all primary objectives here at SkyBlueEgg . . . Ann Charles  

Member:  American Poultry Association, American Bantam Association, & Araucana Breeders & Exhibitors Club

Links:  Exhibition Poultry Magazine  (past issues)

Tufting in The Araucana  (first published in 2012 APA Yearbook)
Araucana Breed Type  (first published in 2014 APA Yearbook)

All adult birds and chicks are shipped via United States Postal Service Express Mail,   UPS  and Fed-Ex do not accept live poultry shipments.


Videos: Summer 2015 Breeding Pens  

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